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# 143 von 9fom8iwnho
19.04.2017 - 10:39 email homepage

My daughter wears size 12.5-13 UK so we got these in size 13.5, which was just right in the medium fitting. We probably could have gone for size 1, so a full size larger than normal footwear is probably the best advice, maybe even 1.5 size if going for the narrow fitting. She has a normal foot,TheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.net but I went for the medium fitting as the narrow ones we've tried on before seemed to be squeezing her toes. These are so much more comfortable than other brands she tried in our local shops, very soft and nothing hard or poking her on the inside. Very quick delivery from Dancing in the Street.

# 142 von h415yoe8r6
19.04.2017 - 10:37 email homepage

Great idea to have wooly lined wellies, Perfect for British winter. Just one thing worried me hence returned them. The bit where the upper part meets the rubber paTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netrt there is a seem on the inside of the wellie where the rubber has rather sharp edge and it would rub the childs leg as there is no wooly lining to cover that bit.

# 141 von b1rsm7kh51
19.04.2017 - 02:27 email homepage

These flip flops are awesome. I bought them for travelling and have been wearing them everyday for a month now and they are still as good as the day I bouTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netght them. They are extremely comfy and mould to the shape of your feet. They can withstand a lot of different conditions. Definitely would buy them again.

# 140 von p53ujlmxhb
19.04.2017 - 02:24 email homepage

Bought these for one of my grandaughters and I'm really pleased with them. They areTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.net a lot cheaper than other brands around and I'm sure she will have fun wearing them.

# 139 von k7kyfcn06q
19.04.2017 - 02:22 email homepage

These are a fantastic concept, however we have two sets of these and neither are perfect. One set has a defective wing which doesn't flap correctly, the second set make quite a whooshing sound as you step on them. Overall the kids love them, TheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netthough personally not a fan of slip on slippers that do not have a back. Update: After less than one month of sparse wear both of my sons slippers have developed holes on the inside. Deducting another star as the quality really is quite poor.

# 138 von 3b0rx9s49d
19.04.2017 - 02:19 email homepage

Didn't expect them to be so patented. Was a TheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netbit disappointed so exchanged them in store.

# 137 von Harry
19.04.2017 - 02:18 email homepage

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# 136 von qu994b8lg4
19.04.2017 - 02:14 email homepage

I loved these when they arrived fitted well and were so comfortable as slippers should be but I think one ofTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.net them must have been faulty as the sole has totally fallen to pieces so will not be getting another pair :-(

# 135 von wsv5pd5laa
19.04.2017 - 02:11 email homepage

My son loves his new school shoes and they weTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netre the cheapest I could find on the Internet.

# 134 von s54eowqvgx
19.04.2017 - 02:06 email homepage

Son loves them but make sure you watchTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.net the you tube video on how to use them

# 133 von 10lptnoqkv
19.04.2017 - 02:04 email homepage

Very cute slippers. They go on so easily and they keep my little guy's feet warm and stop him from slipping oTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netn our hardwood floors. They are quite a bit large but for house shoes that's ok. And the price can't be beat.

# 132 von nv31i9tsu4
19.04.2017 - 02:01 email homepage

# 131 von fz51t5wt3g
19.04.2017 - 01:58 email homepage

I have long coveted a pair of Doc Martens, and in need of new pair of boots I decided that now was the time to get some. I particularly like these tan leather boots as they have all the features that Docs are famous for (air cushion sole, good quality leather, chemical resistant etc,) but unlike the black variety they don't look like skinhead boots. A nice compromise for me. Look - The leather looks great, a slightly mottled tan with lots of grain visible and a well worn look to it. Really stylish. Fit - I am usually a size 11 with a wide fitting, and have had trouble in the past wit 11s that are not wide enough, s I require a 12. No such problems here, the 11 is exceedingly roomy with a decent wide fit. Comfort - It's not many shoes that are so comfortabTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netle I can take them out of the box and walk three miles with out carving up my heels. But these are exceptionally comfortable, and have required no breaking in at all. I walk 2-3 miles to work every morning (and the same home at night) and have had no troubles at all. The boots are not only comfortable around the heel, but they provide a huge amount of support around the ankle. They are one of the best pairs I have had in terms of comfort. Durability - I work in a chemistry lab and have troubles with shoes essentially just dissolving with the chemicals around the place. No such trouble with these babies, they seem exceedingly durable. In all honesty I cannot find a criticism for these shoes. For me they are perfect and just what I was looking for. 5 stars.

# 130 von 544s6z5li0
19.04.2017 - 01:56 email homepage

I like these snow boots very much. They have good grip and are extremely warm. MyTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.net feet keep nice and dry and are nice and wide. I would recommend them to everybody

# 129 von sac01sn8r3
19.04.2017 - 01:53 email homepage

Lovely sandals, great fit anTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netd a big hit with my daughter.

# 128 von c1yelfrmgm
19.04.2017 - 01:51 email homepage

Not brand new shoes as described, thTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netey are like sample or displayed ones

# 127 von co0x6mwoh9
19.04.2017 - 01:48 email homepage

Great looking shoes. Sizing seems to be quite big. My little one is currently wearing a size 6.5 shoe TheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netand I think he'll need to have a size 7 in a smaller make before fitting into these. Still a great buy.

# 126 von rhxoqdo5sg
19.04.2017 - 01:45 email homepage

I recently purchased Lambland childrens suede and lambswool slippers for my daughter, on arrival I simply could not believe the quality of both the materials used and the manufacture. The fit was perfect and unlike most slippers they look just great with virtually all clothing, not to mention the ongoing comments about how "coTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.netsy" the feel. I would rate this item on a par with similar products at more than twice the price! I really could not recommend this purchase any more highly! Have in fact just ordered another pair for my niece. Quite often mail order can be a disappointment and lead to returns etc,however this has been a most pleasant surprise

# 125 von yotgkkkfe6
19.04.2017 - 01:42 email homepage

My daughter measures 7 1/2 in clarkes so ordered uk 8 (26) but they looked too big perhaps would of fit her next summer but wanted them for now. Ordered a uk 7 (25) they fit her now perfecTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.nettly. Roughly these come 1/2 a size bigger than clarkes sizes. My daughter also has fallen arches and is walking almost perfectly is these birkenstocks. Definitely buy some more next summer.

# 124 von s3b0oqe1z1
19.04.2017 - 01:39 email homepage

Great delivery time and excellent fit. I brought these for my daughter to use for pe at school but she likeTheCheapestShoes | toptenshoes.nets them so much I think I will be buying some more for her to have to wear when she wants thank you very much

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